State Election Commission

State Election Commission, Kerala came into existence on 3rd December 1993 as envisaged in Article 243(k) of the Constitution of India. The superintendence, direction and control of preparation of voters list and conduct of election to the local self government Institution vest with the Commission.

Status and Term of office

The State Election Commissioner shall have the status equal to that of the High Court Judge.
The State Election Commissioner shall hold office for a term of five years from the date on which he assumes Office.
Provided that where the State Election Commissioner attains the age of sixty five years before the expiry of the said term of five years, he shall vacate his office on the date on which he attains such age. Provided further that the State Election Commissioner, may, at any time; by writing under his hand addressed to the Governor, resign his office.

Prohibition of acceptance of any office of profit after demission of office:-  The State Election Commissioner shall not acceptor hold any office of profit under the State Government or any Panchayath Municipality after demission  of office on completion of the terms specified in rule 4 or on resignation.

The State Election Commissioner has several unique powers, of which the salient ones are

    SEC chairs the Delimitation Commission which delimits local government constituencies.
    He has full powers to conduct local government elections including disciplinary powers over staff who are on election duty.
    SEC assigns reserved posts and constituencies
    SEC can disqualify candidates who do not submit election accounts.
    He can disqualify members found guilty of defection.
    He can disqualify elected representative who do not convene the Grama Sabha.