The Official Structure of the State Election Commission

The State Election Commissioner is the head of office.A Special Secretary to Government is appointed as Secretary to the State Election Commission.One Additional Secretary from the Finance Department  functions as Senior Finance Manager who looks after the Financial matters of State Election Commission.One Additional Secretary from Government Secretariat is functioning as the Senior Administrative Officer.In addition, three more Additional Secretaries from Secretariat, two Joint Directors,one from Panchayat Department and other from Directorate of Urban Affairs are also functioning as Nodal Officers.A Joint Secretary from Law Secretariat is also functioning as Legal Advisor, and one Additional Director from Public Relations Department  is functioning as Public Relations Officer of State Election Commission.

In addition to the above Officers, two Section Officer from Secretariat, One Computer Programmer, 12 Assistants (6 from Secretariat, 4 from Panchayat Department and 2 from Municipalities), Six Confidential Assistants, three Typists, One Clerical Assistant, Eleven Peons, One Watchman and three Drivers are working in the office of the State Election Commission on deputation/contractual basis.